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YATO Summer Fair 2020

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The YATO Project held its Summer Fair in 2018 and 2019. Gathering together adults, children and different generations in one place, and featuring food stalls, a bamboo handicraft booth, musical performances, shadow puppetry and more, the Summer Fair event, designed to provide an easygoing and fun environment, is positioned as the key initiative of the YATO Project, which examines (common) gathering places that will last the next 500 years.

In April 2020, with a state of emergency declared concerning the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we discussed the Summer Fair in our regular meeting, held online.
Before discussing whether to hold it or not, or whether it was possible to hold it or not, we talked about the meaning of the YATO Summer Fair and what we were trying to enshrine in a festival designed to last 500 years.
The natural conclusion we arrived at in our discussions was this: even if this year we can’t hold the festival as an event which anyone can feel free to attend, as a ceremony the Summer Fair should be held without interruption.

The shadow puppet-making workshop for children which began last year will this year be held via online and postal correspondence. Koheisai Kawamura will then perform a shadow play by himself, using the puppets made by participating children. The story will be themed around the legend of the dragon who lived in Ryuogaike pond, in the garden behind Ryoudenji Temple

As per last year, music will be provided by the Saiwaicho Bagpipe Club.
At the venue we will also play the sounds of earthenware instruments used in a performance given as part of our new “Shizumu Oto” sound workshop.
Moreover, the decoration of the venue, handled by spoken words project, will attempt to expand the potential of a piece of cloth; for example with the transforming of one piece of cloth into various objects including barriers, costumes, and a curtain for the shadow play.

We invite you to take part in the YATO Summer Festival online this year, hoping for the day when we can all get together again.

Live streaming

– YouTube Live
*Video streamed on YouTube is available for viewing until 23:59 on Sunday, September 27.

– Instagram Live
@yato500net@tadao_portrait@ryoudenji, Saiwaicho Bagpipe Club member accounts
*We plan simultaneous streams on Instagram Live, with diversified perspectives from multiple accounts.
*Not all Instagram accounts will stream the whole process. Switch between accounts to view.

*The venue will not be open to the public. Please enjoy the livestream of the event.

Performers, etc.

Shadow puppetry/ Koheisai Kawamura
Music/ Saiwaicho Bagpipe Club
Costume & venue decoration/spoken words project
Shadow puppet creation/Yatokko domei children who took part in the “delivery” shadow puppetry workshop


Project YATO Office




Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Toukoukai (social welfare corporation)