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Responsive art projects: Five perspectives to unravel art projects and society

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We take an overview of the last ten years, unravelling the relationship between art projects and society

Five guest practitioners who look at the times from their own unique perspective in the development of their activities talk about how they perceive the era from 2011 to the present, and going forward, what elements will be necessary and what we will need to know. Within this context, we will also discuss future changes to social conditions and what form art projects should take in response. We take a sweeping overview of the last ten years, unravelling the relationship between art projects and society.

Navigator: Takashi Serizawa (Director, P3 art and environment)

Five perspectives

Perspective 1
Chihiro Minato: Running ahead, kicking away

We discuss new ways of interpreting the changing times and the way we see the world with Chihiro Minato, who has taken a far-ranging approach to considering the relationship between the times and the image in the context of civilization theory-related concepts such as the crowd and memory.

Guest: Chihiro Minato (Photographer/Author/ Representative Director, Art Bridge Institute (NPO))
Available to view Monday, June 13, 2022
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【Part 2】

Perspective 2
Risei Sato: The view from 3/11

We discuss the transition and proliferation of art projects originating in Tohoku over the last ten years with Risei Sato, who has been involved with Art Support Tohoku-Tokyo (a Tokyo Metropolitan Government initiative using the medium of arts and culture to support disaster-afflicted areas) for a decade since 2011.

Guest: Risei Sato (Program Officer, Arts Council Tokyo)
Available to view Monday, June 20, 2022
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【Part 2】

Perspective 3
Noriko Matsuda: The “Habitat Building History” perspective

We take a fresh look at the relationship between humans and the environment and discuss how art projects should respond with Noriko Matsuda, whose has developed “Habitat Building History,” a project which attempts to reconsider the history of humankind on earth and its future from a new historical viewpoint dubbed the “Building Mode” framework.

Guest: Noriko Matsuda (Architectural and urban history researcher/Associate Professor, Kyoto Prefectural University)
Available to view Monday, June 27, 2022
【Part 1】

【Part 2】

Perspective 4
Tomoko Wakabayashi: Responses with corporations/government/NPOs

We discuss changes in the way art projects have engaged with corporations, government and NPOS since 2011 as well as future approaches with Tomoko Wakabayashi, who studies ways to improve the environment and provide support to enable human expressive activities and artistic creation to exist in our society, and who has associated with art projects through her varied coordination and consulting work.

Guest: Tomoko Wakabayashi (Project Coordinator/Planner)
Scheduled to be available to view Monday, July 4, 2022
【Part 1】

【Part 2】

Perspective 5
Chiaki Soma: The transformation of festivals

We discuss the global-level transformation of festivals happening in these turbulent times with Chiaki Soma, who specializes in the curation and production of cross-disciplinary contemporary art, and who was selected as Program Director for the international theater festival, Theater Der Welt 2023.

Guest: Chiaki Soma (Representative Director, Arts Commons Tokyo / Art Producer
Scheduled to be available to view Monday, July 11, 2022 Friday, August 19 2022 *Schedule has changed. (Updated on 7/4/2022)
【Part 1】

【Part 2】

*Schedules and details are subject to change


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