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Thinking about the value of/approaches to websites (tool creation)

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Creating a road map for production teams to think about websites together

In the 2021 course “Thinking about websites going forward,” diverse course participants including editors, PR officers, designers and engineers held discussions on issues that emerge in the process of creating a website. Approaches (in the form of guidelines and yardsticks) for dealing with the “niggles” that came up in discussion have been compiled online as the “Web Moyamoya Jiten” (“compendium of web niggles”).These guidelines are a response to niggles in seven areas: short-term evaluation, long-term value, web-based cost and effort, archive design, niggles concerning mis-delivery, methods of conveying personality/internal and peripheral information, stylishness and practicality, assistive technology and accessibility.

Based on the results of these guidelines, in this program we will think of and publish a tool for sharing website creation purposes and procedures with clients, designers, engineers and other production team members. As well as using the tool as a way of elucidating the often-fraught website production process, it can be used as a road map for re-examining business design, including that of art projects.

Planning and production

Shunya Hagiwara (Web director)

Editing/supervision: Moe Nishiyama


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