What we do

ACKT (Art Center Kunitachi)

Based on the Kunitachi City Basic Plan for Promoting Culture and the Arts, this project aims to develop a hub using art and design approaches and to build a platform for confronting social issues and undertaking diverse new culture creation activities through partnerships between local government and citizens.


Kunitachi City


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Kunitachi City, Kunitachi Arts and Sports Foundation, ACKT (General Incorporated Association)

Events Information

Hub formation project “Yu◯-chi”

We will form a hub to serve as a platform for various local activities and information.
While considering the utilizing of idle facilities and other locations in the area, rather than stopping at one hub, we will create experimental hubs and form a network with existing communities and people.

Research/communication projects

We will research the leaders and supervisors of arts and culture-related projects and their activities, and widely share our findings through the creation of PR channels, the use of websites and social media, etc. We are also eyeing the possibility of archiving local history and cultural activities.

Other Fiscal Years