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FY2018 New Concept "Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture"

Through partnerships with Japan’s foremost arts and culture organizations and efforts to publicize their artistic and cultural assets, we will raise Ueno’s profile at home and abroad by highlighting its appeal as a hub for arts and culture in Tokyo. As co-sponsors, Arts Council Tokyo and the Implementation Committee for New Concept “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture” will together implement programs aimed at developing Ueno’s potential as a treasure trove of cultural resources, including joint events involving the various cultural facilities clustered in the Ueno district.


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  • 上野『文化の杜』新構想「UENOYES」(ショートバージョン) / New Concept “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture” (Short version)

  • 上野『文化の杜』新構想「UENOYES」(ロングバージョン) / New Concept “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture” (Long version)


2018/06/26 News

2018年度 上野「文化の杜」新構想 事業概要のお知らせ

*In Japanese

2018/07/19 News

2018年度 上野「文化の杜」新構想『上野スタディーズ2018』開催のお知らせ

*In Japanese

2018/07/25 News

Project Schedule for “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture” FY2018 announced

2018/08/21 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想 UENOYESサポーター第1回募集のお知らせ

*In Japanese

2018/08/27 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想 「UENOYES バルーンDAYS 2018」開催のお知らせ

*In Japanese

2018/08/28 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想 ARTS TIME PROJECT団体パートナー募集

*In Japanese

2018/10/23 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想 「旧博物館動物園駅」一般公開記念 新作インスタレーション公開のお知らせ

*In Japanese

2018/10/30 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想 UENOYESサポーター第2回募集のお知らせ

*In Japanese

2018/11/08 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想「UENOYES バルーンDAYS #2」開催のお知らせ

*In Japanese

2018/11/13 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想「UENOYES バルーンDAYS #2」取材のご案内

*In Japanese

2018/12/13 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想 「文化の杜の音めぐり」開催のお知らせ

*In Japanese

2018/12/17 News

New Concept "Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture" to Hold Special One-day Concert “Around the UENO PARK with Music”

2018/12/25 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想 「UENOYES フォーラム」開催のお知らせ

*In Japanese

2018/12/25 News

上野「文化の杜」新構想 「UENOYES バルーン DAYS #3」開催のお知らせ

*In Japanese