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Geigeki + Talk
Roudoku "TOKYO" Vol.4

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Reading Tokyo, Talking about Tokyo
In this “Tokyo” reading project, begun in 2014, two actors read short stories, dramas, essays, and other works old and new involving Tokyo, and then talk about them in relation to the metropolis that is ours, whether you are a Tokyo native or a resident who has moved here. The different readings and conversations present Tokyo in the huge variety of its manifestations.


Friday, February 19 19:00
“Denshamichi” (published by Shinchosha) written by Kenichiro Isozaki
Director: Takeshi Matsumura (COMECOME MINIKI-NA)
Performances: Akira Otaka, Tai Kageyama, Akiko Uchida

Saturday, February 20 17:00
“The Great Life Adventure” (published by Shinchosha) written by Shiro Maeda
Director: Takashi Manabe (HAIYUZA THEATER COMPANY)
Performers: Shizuka Oya (AKB48), Mondo Yamagishi

Sunday, February 21 15:00
“Budokan” (published by Bungeishunju) written by Ryo Asai
Director: Kohei Kiyasu (Nylon100℃/Bulldogging Headlock)
Performers: SECRET GUYZ (Shuto Yoshihara, Yukichi, Taiki Ikeda)


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