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Centennial anniversary of the birth of Kantor - Kantor and 20th-century theater: Workshop "The art of the actor on Kantor's stage"

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Those who appeared on the stage for Kantor were not what you would call career actors, but usually ordinary people like artists or people with other professions or trades. Kantor himself was always present on stage giving directions to the actors, who shared the stage equally with art objects and mannequins made by Kantor.
How did the actors play those astounding scenes under Kantor’s school of thought that the actor is an object and the object is an actor?
Consecutive three-day workshop by former core member of Teatr Cricot², Ms. Rutka Reva (afternoon and evening courses, maximum 20 people each, continuous attendance over three days recommended)


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office
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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Rehearsal Room L



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