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Centennial anniversary of the birth of Kantor - Kantor and 20th-century theater: Screenings, exhibition, lecture and symposium

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Leading 20th century Polish theater director Tadeusz Kantor shook the world. The body of work he created in response to the reality of the century known as “the era of war and revolution” leads us to the pleasures of art as well as to a new way of thinking as we find ourselves at the beginning of the 21st century.

On the 100th anniversary of his birth, we re-examine Kantor from all angles by showing film of his works, his drawings, an homage to him by Kuro Tanino, and holding a lecture and symposium.

*The exhibition of drawings and photographs in the theater and lobby may be viewed from theater opening time until thirty minutes after performances.
*Screenings, symposium and lecture subject to one viewing/attendance per ticket.
*Weekday and last-day screenings are subject to “2 for 1” privilege rates which include the film screened before “Machine of Love and Death”


Important material including twenty drawings by Kantor, who was also known as a painter, about twenty photographs of his sketches, and fifteen or so photographs taken by photographer Ryuji Miyamoto of dress rehearsals during a visit by Kantor to Japan is shown together in this exhibition.

Lecture "Kantor and 20th-century theater"

Lecture “Kantor and 20th-century theater”
This lecture considers Kantor’s ideas on art and their significance in the context of world history while referring to his works. The issue at hand is how he analyzed the reality of the 20th century, how he responded to it, and what his experiments have to say to us in the 21st century.

Symposium "The impact of Kantor"

Four people approach Kantor from their individual perspectives:
Theater director Kuro Tanino who was stunned by Kantor during his early encounters with theater, and who will create and dedicate an étude to Kantor for this event
Theater director Nobuomi Shimizu who continues to work closely with Poland
Contemporary Polish theater critic Anna R. Burzyńska
Lech Stangret, former actor with Cricot², the Kantor-founded theater group


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