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"Tinkerbell in Shoji Land"

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Peter Pan, the eternal boy who never grows up, has come to Japan through an unexpected turn of events.
Tinkerbell, the fairy who was always with Peter, travels the world telling their story of love. In Japan, Peter fell in love with…a doll! In this one-person play, Hideki Noda’s “Peter Pan spin-off” in Japan, Tink sometimes plays the role of Peter as she tells their story. It’s Peter Pan’s “un-human” love in “Shoji Land (Japan).”

Playwright:Hideki Noda
Director:Marcello Magni
Actor:Tomoko Mariya
Performer: Takuma Noguchi

Hideki Noda wrote this one-person play, a dreamlike masterpiece, over a three-day New Year holiday when he was 25 years old.
Scattered liberally throughout this “un-human” love story is the “word play” that burst forth from the young Noda’s sensitive imagination, and “songs” made with melodies by Ringo Sheena.
Once again, we are presenting the version performed by Tomoko Mariya, who painted the story with kaleidoscopic charm in the 2014 production. This fantastical story for grownups is not to be missed.


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