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The Senju Connection Residency
Talk: Senju as seen by Mariko Tomomasa

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Talk with Sound Art artist-in-residence Mariko Tomomasa

The artist discusses her feelings and thoughts on everything she encountered in Senju, from a unique creative outlook.
For this event, Tomomasa looks back on her occasional posts “NAKACHO House Diary” on Sound Art’s Facebook page, and her year’s residency at NAKACHO House. From her own perspective as an artist, she introduces various concrete and abstract things and places she found interesting in Senju, and re-evaluates the town in conversation with talk attendees.
How does artist Mariko Tomomasa see the community? This could be your chance to learn new ways of looking at the town. Take the opportunity and come along to NAKACHO House, an old Japanese-style house in Senju.

The Senju Connection Residency Program is an artist-in-residence project designed to strengthen real communication (connection) with the places and people unique to Senju, through work produced locally by young/emerging artists on the program.
Communication is the main theme of one of the resident artists this year, Mariko Tomomasa, whose creative process uses relationships between people as the raw material for her art. In 2015 she was winner of the Sound Art initiative’s Open Competition, and during 2015 and 2016 she carried out an independent film production project “Unknown Alleys Film Festival” together with local participants.




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Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju-Connecting through Sound Art Office
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NAKACHO House (29-1 Senju Nakacho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
*No parking available. Please use public transportation.


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Music, OTOMACHI PROJECT(NPO), Adachi City