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“KINO Meeting” #3 Movie Screening and Live Talk
Archived video: limited-time stream

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For a limited time, we will be streaming video of a movie screening and talk held under the KINO Meeting project, which focuses on the creation of films with people who have overseas backgrounds.

KINO Meeting is a project to create a forum for people with backgrounds overseas to proactively collaborate with each other, based on fieldwork and video production.
The project involves workshops in which participants walk around the city as part of the process of creating films that reflect on their own backgrounds and Tokyo neighborhoods, using photographs, video and audio, and collaborating with people from different backgrounds.

Under the workshop KINO Meeting #3 Kita-ku held in May, there was a screening of “Cinema Portrait” created by thirteen project participants, as well as the feature-length film “New Tokyo Tour.” Now, for a limited time we will be streaming footage of the screening.
The talk featured guest poet and Meiji University School of Science and Technology professor Keijiro Suga, who discussed the films with project participants.
We hope you take a look at the video of the screening and talk.

*The video will be streamed for a limited time until Sunday, June 18 2023, but the #3 Kita-ku workshop and screening are also featured in a report which can be found on the KINO Meeting website page “REPORTS” (the screening report will be available in late June).

the KINO Meeting website page “REPORTS”:

Film work stream

Talk guest: Keijiro Suga (poet and Meiji University School of Science and Technology professor)

Available until Sunday, 18 June 2023

*The proceedings will be conducted in Japanese.
*No subtitles for “Cinema Portrait”/Japanese and English subtitles for “New Tokyo Tour”

“KINO Meeting” #3 Movie Screening and Live Talk 2023.5.21[Part 1]

– Introduction
– Movie Screening “Cinema Portrait”
– Talk

##3 Kita-ku “Cinema Portrait”
“Cinema Portrait” is a simple work made from ten photographs and around two minutes of audio. It is being created in workshops organized by KINO Meeting, the participants of which are people with overseas backgrounds. Members walk around the city in a team, talking about their own personal episodes, and listening to other people’s stories as the basis for creating a film.
The screening will feature a film to be created in the workshop “KINO Meeting #3 Kita-ku” being held on Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20.
See herefor workshop details.

“KINO Meeting” #3 Movie Screening and Live Talk 2023.5.21[Part 2]

– Movie Screening “New Tokyo Tour”
– Talk
– Question-and-answer session

Movie “New Tokyo Tour”
Lee loses her job, breaks up with her boyfriend, and is losing sight of the meaning of living in this city. One day Lee has a chance encounter with Toshiki, who is new to Tokyo, and finds herself going on a sightseeing tour with him. The story developed from the roots of project members who made the movie, and from episodes in their daily life. It may not be fiction at all, but the life of someone in the neighborhood you live in.
*This film was developed in the predecessor to KINO Meeting, “Multicultural Film Making: Creating a movie with people who have different roots” (MFM).
*Find out about MFM here.


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