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Museum Start “i-Ueno”

This educational program for the 21st century aims to create new opportunities for learning through partnerships between museums, university, local government, and citizens. In this “Learning Design Project” facilitated by Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Tokyo University of the Arts, nine cultural and educational facilities located around Ueno Park are working together to help children to make their “museum debut,” as well as creating an active learning environment in which children and adults can learn from one another.


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, cultural facilities in Ueno Park

Events Information

Family Program

A program of adventure and discovery that shows participants the enjoyment of museums and the fascination of Ueno Park. Children and adults will learn from each other through art appreciation, observation, and modeling.

School Program

The Exhibition Rooms of art museum changes into your classroom! This is an art appreciation program offering encounters and dialogue with real art works. Art museum curators and university professors lend their support to all aspects of the process, from the loan of teaching materials and other advance preparations, through the visit itself, and on to lessons afterwards.

*The school program for FY2020 is for research classes only and there will not be open calls. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
TEL:03-3823-6921 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum office, Weekdays, 9:30-17:30)

Diversity Program

People ordinarily lead different lifestyles in different places. Children from diverse cultural backgrounds gather at museums to look at real works of art and share language. The Diversity program fosters hearts and minds that recognize and respect the individuality of the self who believes that everyone’s languages are equally important, and the individuality of others.

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