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Museum Start "i-Ueno"

This educational program for the 21st century aims to provide new learning opportunities through partnerships between museums, universities, local government, and citizens. In this “Learning Design Project,” nine cultural and educational facilities concentrated in Ueno Park work together to encourage children and their family create their own relationship with the society through museum experiences and create an environment in which children and adults can learn from one another. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Tokyo University of the Arts are the driving forces of this project.


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and other cultural facilities in Ueno Park

Events Information

i-Ueno Family (Program for children and their families)

A program of adventure and discovery that shows participants the enjoyment of museums and the fascination of Ueno Park. Children and adults will learn from each other through art appreciation, observation, and modeling. This program is open to all children, including children with disabilities.

i-Ueno School (School-oriented program)

The art museum will change into classrooms! This is an art appreciation program offering encounters and dialogue with real works of art. Art museum curators and university associates will support with all aspects of the process, from the loan of teaching materials and other advance preparations, through the visit itself, and on to lessons afterwards.

i-Ueno Members’ Program

The key focus of Museum Start “i-Ueno” is to forge links among “i-Ueno members” — children who have participated in i-Ueno programs and their parents/guardians and teachers — and bring them together to continue their access to Ueno Park. i-Ueno Special is a program that enable people to enjoy adventures at Ueno Park’s museums not just once, but on numerous occasions.

i-Ueno Special

This program welcomes children from past i-Ueno museum programs, along with their parents/guardians, back to Ueno for yet another adventure. With participants traveling to informational showcases and “adventure-log” corners in the various museums, the area will be buzzing with a constant stream of explorers.

August, October and December 2017 (3 times a year)

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Intercommunication Building 2nd Floor Art Study Room

i-Ueno members (student members [elementary school to high school] who have already taken part in a “Museum Start i-Ueno” program and their parents/guardians)

Non-members looking to participate in the i-Ueno Special event:
If you are a past i-Ueno program participant but have yet to register as a member (to receive email newsletters), you will need complete the i-Ueno member registration process.
Click here to register.


Applying for the i-Ueno Special
Program organizers will provide details in an email newsletter to members around 1 month prior to the event.



  • 2017年度 Museum Start あいうえの「うえの!ふしぎ発見」コレクター部/ FY2017 Museum Start "i-Ueno" Wonderful discoveries in Ueno: Collectors

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