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Miyakejima Video Project Video Workshop - "Film a Video Letter"

Make your very own video letter connecting "now" with "the future."

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In 2013, a workshop will be held for members of the public as part of the Miyakejima Video Project carried out by artist and video director Daisuke Yamashiro, one of Miyakejima University’s resident creative artists. Participants will make their own “Original Video Letter.” In the first stage, “video calisthenics”, participants will pick up a video camera and film the things around them, coming into contact with cameras and images, in order to get used to filming. Then they will actually make a film and produce their video letter, thinking about the setting and filming location, as well as who to send the letter to.

Course information

18:00 – 20:00 each day

Daisuke Yamashiro (Miyakejima Video Project director)
Yuki Arisa, Masafumi Todate, Ryohei Tomita (Miyakejima Video Project team)

free (application required / limited to 7 participants per day) * Same-day enrollment permitted if space remains

* Course content is the same each day.
* Please come directly to the venue at least 10 minutes before the starting time.


Miyakejima University Main School Building (Mikurajima Kaikan)
1807-1 Ako, Miyake-mura, Miyake-jima 100-1212
Tel: 04994-8-5888(except Thu)

Miyakejima University Project Executive Committee Office
Miyake Village Office General Affairs Section
Tel: 04994-5-0981 (weekdays 8:30-17:15)

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Miyakejima University Main School Building (Mikurajima Kaikan)