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Miyakejima University - Project presentation by prospective graduates / Graduation certificate award ceremony

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A prospective graduate of Miyakejima University, and students from Keio University’s Fumitoshi Kato Laboratory who have undertaken graduation projects on Miyakejima, will present the results of their work. We will also hold Miyakejima University’s first graduation certificate award ceremony. In addition, Fumitoshi Kato (vice-president of Miyakejima University) and Tsukasa Mori (Tokyo Artpoint Project director) will take a look back at the past three years at Miyakejima University.

Course information

9:00 – 11:00

Prospective graduate:
Kosuke Tanaka (115 course credits earned to date)

free (no reservations required)

Description of project by prospective graduate

Public creation of Miyakejima mosaic art (graduation project)
People bring photos they have taken around the island, and with these photos we are making a picture of a rainbow filled with Miyakejima’s present and past, memory and memories. This is a public project taking place at Miyakejima University Main School Building (Mikurajima Kaikan). Everyone is welcome to participate.


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