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Yasuaki Igarashi: "Sora-Ami: Knitting the Sky - Miyakejima" - island homecoming ceremony

Miyakejima University 2nd anniversary project!

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Born on Miyakejima, “Sora-Ami” have been woven in various locations around Japan including Maizuru in Kyoto Prefecture, Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture, and the Seto Inland Sea. In this island homecoming ceremony, the Sora-Ami that have been displayed around Japan will come together on Miyakejima to be woven into a single large Sora-Ami.


“Sora-Ami: Knitting the Sky – Miyakejima” – island homecoming ceremony
Display period: Nov 16 (Sat) – 17 (Sun), 2013 
* May be canceled in the event of unfavorable ocean conditions or bad weather.
Venue: Miike Port

– Program 1: Sora-Ami weaving workshop
Sora-Ami began when Yasuaki Igarashi was taught how to weave fishing nets by fishermen on Miyakejima. In this program, we’ll learn to weave Sora-Ami not only from fisherman on Miyakejima, but also from participants and fishermen in various locations.

Dates: Nov 16 (Sat), 13:30 – 15:30
Venue: Miike Port
* In the event of bad weather, the program will be held in the Miyakejima University Main School Building.
Admission: free (no reservations required)

– Program 2: Sora-Ami reporting event – “Weaving Stories”
People from various locations who took part in the creation of “Sora-Ami” nets in Kamaishi, Shiogama, Maizuru in Kyoto Prefecture, Asakusa and other places will tell stories of each area which were woven through Sora-Ami.

Areas giving reports:
Miyakejima (Tokyo), Maizuru (Kyoto), Asakusa (Tokyo), Kamaishi (Iwate), Shiogama (Miyagi)

Date: Nov 16 (Sat), 16:00 – 18:00
Venue: Miyakejima University Main School Building (Mikurajima Kaikan)
Admission: free (no reservations required)


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