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Miyakejima University Solo Exhibition "Power of Field" by Katsuhiko Hibino

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Artist Katsuhiko Hibino who had done under water sketches at Okubo Beach before opening of Miyakejima University paid a New Year’s visit and created his works in public in the magnificient natural scenery. In this exhibition at the main building of Miyakejima University will unveil the results of his confrontation and dialogue with the island’s nature. Don’t miss it.

Project Outline

An exhibition of eight works by Katsuhiko Hibino created on Miyake Island, Jan 5 (Sun) and 6 (Mon), 2014 in confrontation with its vast natural splendor. Come and enjoy these lively pictures of Miyakejima Island.

The pictures to be unveiled can also be seen here:

Jan 7 (Tue) – Mar 9 (Sun), 2014 (Closed Thursdays) * Exhibition period extended.

9:00 – 16:30 (Please call ahead).
As the Facility Manager is not always there, please call the university’s main building first, at 04994-8-5888.

From the Artist

Why do people paint pictures?
Who was the first person who ever painted one?
With what kind of feeling did that person first begin to paint?
In the four days I stayed on Miyake Island, I visited the places that had made a strong impression on me. I confronted their scenery and, taking their power into my own body. I took hold of my brush, and tried to convey this with colors and shapes on a white canvas.
I believe that the power of a painting lies not in color and shape on a piece of paper, but that it only begins to be a “painting” when you see it, and it conveys something to you. That is what I wish to convey when I paint.
Jan 7, 2014 Katsuhiko Hibino (excerpted from the exhibition greeting)


Photo: Mitsuru Goto

Katsuhiko Hibino (Artist/Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts/Professor, Miyakejima University)
Born 1958 in Gifu. He creates art with people from many different regions, develops art projects whose focus is on the receptive power of the recipient, and creates works combining art with social function. In 2003 he founded, and still continues, the “Day After Tomorrow Newspaper Company”, and other projects have included the “Seed is a Ship Sailing Project” (2012) and “OTOTOI Maru Seabed Inquiry Ship in Setouchi at Setouchi Triennale 2013.” He served as Artistic Director for Roppongi Art Night in 2013, and his individual exhibition “Hibino on Side off Side” was recently featured at the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art. He is a Director of the Japan Football Association.


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