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Tokyo Project Study 5: To "walk, look and listen" with your own two feet

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To understand, to express, to report, and to understand anew (= to live)

What are the things, both large and small, that sustain our daily problems and difficulties, as well as our daily joys?
And how are these things activated?
We will attempt to unravel and comprehend these questions through people’s individual methods.
Participants will carry out creative activity and expression while experiencing the creative environments of three guest artists, or together with these artists. The aim is not to have participants become artists or create works of art, nor is it to teach a certain method. In a process that Tsuneichi Miyamoto described in “Walk, Look, Listen” (*), we will think, try, and think again in order to hold on to the perspective of a person looking squarely at the world, without facilely placing a value on events and situations. Using our entire bodies, we will closely observe dormant things that are difficult to see. We will think carefully about this method. Without eschewing slowness and delay, each person will take their time, stop and think, and then try, so that whatever we have come to know becomes a sign of the next development. We aim to create a place to experience this process, and learn for ourselves that the foundation of expression is the myriad realizations that come to us each day.

* “Walk, Look, Listen” was a monthly magazine published from 1967 to 1988 by Kinki Nippon Tourist Company’s Japan Research Institute for Tourism and Cultural Resources, which was headed by the folklore scholar Tsuneichi Miyamoto.


Miho Miyashita (Executive director, NPO ArtfullAction)

Guest artists: Hiroyuki Agetsuma (artist), Nobuo Onishi (photographer / film director), Setsu Hanasaki (Theatre practitioner / Noguchi Taiso instructor)
Tutor: Chiho Watanabe (kotoami)
Study Manager: Risei Sato (Program officer, Arts Council Tokyo)

Target participants

– People who would like to deepen their own creative expression, figurative art, research, etc., while conversing directly with the three guest artists
– People who would like to cultivate creative expression and the seeds of projects through encounters with artists’ creative processes

*No previous experience or skills are required. Even those who have never been involved in figurative arts or creative expression are welcome.
*People from diverse age groups are welcome.

Participation fee

General 30,000 yen, students 20,000 yen
*Does not include transportation expenses for fieldwork and other activities.


About 10 persons

Scheduled dates of activities

Dates of activities for first Tokyo Project Study
Sunday, September 16
*Other dates will be scheduled after consulting with participants.

– Guest artists will carry out research and creative activity throughout the study period.
– Each month there will be 1 or 2 workshops in which participants encounter the guests’ research and creative processes. Their ideas about research, perception of subjects and themes, and ways of approaching their work will be regarded as reference points and reflected in participants’ own research and creation.
– We will hold workshops in which participants think about their body as a support for their creation and research.
– At workshops with guest artists and other participants, and meetings led by tutors, participants will share the progress of their own research and creation and receive advice, then return to their own creation and research settings. This process will be repeated several times, and at the end of the fiscal year we will organize an occasion for participants to share their current situations with others (an exhibition or activity presentation is planned).

*Activities are expected to progress more quickly if participants have advance knowledge of the guests’ works and creative activities.
*A library of collected information and a studio facility will be set up at the venue, Chateau2F. (To use the studio, participants must inquire and receive prior consent.)

How to apply

Please use the application form here.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Selection schedule
Saturday, August 4, 2018 13:00 – 15:00: Briefing
(Please see here for details and how to apply)
Monday, August 27 – Sunday, September 2, 2018: Screening
*After the document screening we may contact you by Skype or telephone.
Monday, September 3 2018: Notification of results


Project Coordination Division,
Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
TEL: 03-6256-8435(Weekday 10:00-18:00)


Koganei Artspot Chateau 2F (Chateau Koganei 2F, 6-5-3 Honcho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo) and others


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)