What we do

FY2018 School of Thought, Skill, and Dialogue

Towards the “creating” of art projects

We will offer three programs for the FY2018 School of Thought, Skill, and Dialogue: Study, a forum for practical learning; a Lecture program providing the basics for involvement in art projects; and Discussion, in which participants can pick up fresh pointers on conducting projects. With an emphasis on the creation side of art projects, we aim to cultivate personnel able to rethink assumptions, and consider/actualize the projects needed in future.


Arts Council Tokyo Room 302, etc.

Events Information

Tokyo Project Study

Practical study in which “navigators” and participants learn about creating the core of a project together

If you could “create” something in Tokyo, what would it be?
That is the question we pose to five “navigators,” who will each form a team and attempt to create the core of a project through a process of research and experimentation. From September through March over approximately 100 hours, we will hold multiple project “Study” sessions (involving study, investigation, research and experimentation).
“Navigators” comprise people in creative roles with different interests and attributes like artists, directors and dramaturgs, who will decide on a theme within their relationship with the Tokyo area. The “navigators” will suggest the appropriate personnel needed to implement the Study program, and put a team together.

Program features
– Learning support
An Arts Council Tokyo program officer with experience running art projects will be on hand as Study manager to support the program, leveraging knowhow accumulated on the Tokyo Artpoint Project in cooperation with art-related NPOs in the city.
– A focus on dialog
We emphasize dialog as a way to build individual awareness, and train participants’ thinking towards creation of new things and ideas.
– Team-building for “creating”
Artists working on project front lines, specialists and participants come together to work under one theme, share “creating” time and exchange words to produce a community for mutual learning.
– Study room opening
ROOM 302 (3331 Arts Chiyoda 3F, 302 / 6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will be made available to participants as a study room for preparation and review activities such as meetings, reading, and research.


A lecture series for encountering/learning about/refreshing knowledge on art projects

This is a broad-ranging series of 3 lectures covering the basics of art projects, and themed according to three different perspectives: “What is an art project?”, “What is management?” and “What is sustainable activity?

Lecture 1 “Art projects dissected”
In this overview, participants will learn about the changes seen in art project styles from 1990 up to the present, and the mechanisms and environment that supported those changes.

Lecture 2 “Getting started in art project management”
This lecture pinpoints what to think about and know in advance when starting art project management. Participants will look at the management cycle, public relations and documentation.

Lecture 3: “Art Projects/Myself/Society: considering methods of continuation, engagement and working”
What is necessary for sustainable activity? We look at a variety of real-life examples to explore some tips and ideas about carrying on with a project.

Program features
– Participants will develop the broad basic knowledge necessary to engage in art projects and put them in motion.
– For each themed lecture, we invite practitioners and artists from whom participants can learn about the frontline of art projects, and other topics.


Dialog series exploring tips for launching a new project

A program of talks for which we invite practitioners working on projects located near each other, in genres that have a high degree of affinity with each other. We also invite artists producing themed work in those genres, and other guests. These talks provide a forum for discussions that will enrich participants’ knowledge and experience, and give them advice on implementing projects.



  • Tokyo Art Research Lab 2010-2017 実績調査と報告

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  • アートプロジェクトを紡ぐ─伝える・ひらく・つなげるためのヒント集

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