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Karoku Recycle

By widely sharing and drawing on recorded material – a sort of “documentation of disaster(karoku)” – accumulated in areas that have experienced disaster, by widely sharing and utilizing the knowledge and techniques for expression (recovery skills) related to disaster prevention and resilience as well as the challenges involved, we aim to form a network helping people live during the inter-disaster period together and helping them prepare for the next disaster, and which can also be put to use after a disaster.
Knowledge and experience of “post disaster” life, such as dealing with the various unforeseen challenges that occur after a disaster, especially unexpected loss, is often dismissed as a personal issue, and is difficult to share with others.
This project aims to record these hidden individual lives, express them through diverse media platforms and share them with various people.


Koto City and others


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), General Incorporated Association NOOK

Events Information

Streamed show “TV Nook”

Hosts NOOK’s Natsumi Seo (artist) and Daichi Nakamura (writer/director) will join various guests to talk about the Karoku Recycle project.

Tokyo Research Report “Karoku Saiho-ki”

We follow the history of catastrophes in Tokyo, meet people who confront them, and dig up layers of memory. We will occasionally be providing updates of research reports on Karoku Recycle.


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