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FY2019 School of Thought, Skill, and Dialogue

Time of “creating” art projects

We will offer three programs for the FY2019 School of Thought, Skill, and Dialogue: Study, a forum for practical learning; a Lecture program thinking about the art projects; and Discussion, in which participants can pick up fresh pointers on conducting projects. With an emphasis on the creation side of art projects and a viewpoint of time needed for the creation, we aim to cultivate personnel able to consider/actualize the projects needed in future and thought.


Arts Council Tokyo Room 302, etc.

Events Information

Tokyo Project Study

Under the rallying cry “If you were to “create” something in Tokyo,” this is a practical study in which navigators and participants learn together and create the “core” of a project. Three navigators each form a team which attempts to create the “core” of a project through repeated research and experimentation. From August through February, we will roll out a number of “studies” (study, investigation, research and prototype).
Taking the role of navigator will be “creators” with different interests and attributes such as artists and directors. They will set a theme based on their relationship to the city of Tokyo.
In addition, navigators will propose the necessary talent for conducting the study, and develop them as they form their teams.


A lecture series for thinking about art projects


A dialogue series designed to explore pointers for starting new art projects

Tokyo Art Research Lab (TARL): FY2015 - 22