What we do

FY2021 School of Thought, Skill, and Dialogue

We will offer three programs for the FY2021 School of Thought, Skill, and Dialogue: Study, a forum for practical learning; a Lecture program for expanding the possibilities of art projects; and Discussion, in which participants explore pointers for new projects. We aim to cultivate personnel able consider/actualize the projects needed in future.


Online, 3331 Arts Chiyoda (ROOM302) and others

Events Information

Tokyo Project Study

If you could “create” something in Tokyo, what would it be?
That is the question we pose to specially recruited Study participants who will form teams with navigators, and attempt to create a new “core” for projects through a process of research and experimentation.
In the role of navigator will be people in creative roles who use a variety of expressive methods and creative processes in fields including theater, art, performance, photograph, and video. We will roll out a series of “Study” sessions (involving study, investigation, research, and experimentation) based on individual perspectives, understanding and interests.


A lecture series aimed at providing art project leaders with new perspectives and skills. For 2021 we offer “Experiencing Sign Language: A basic sign language course for art project leaders” (a video-based program), and “Using Sign Language: An advanced sign language course for art project leaders” (an online course). As well as learning signing as a language, participants will also learn about communication with deaf people and deaf culture in lectures designed to foster vision and perspective regarding accessibility in art projects.


A program of talks to gain new perspectives for launching future practices.
We invite guests from a range of fields who apply a unique outlook to their work on diverse practices. How do they see society now, and by what means do they face up to it? We share guests’ practices and explore the challenges and possibilities for future initiatives through mutual dialogue.