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Festival/Tokyo 13
Main Program
Ganesh Versus the Third Reich

  • Theater / Dance ,
  • Performance

Back to Back Theatre
Direction: Bruce Gladwin

The Indian god Ganesh is determined to recapture the swastika, the symbol stolen by the Nazi regime. Following Ganesh as he plunges himself into an adventurous struggle to get the symbol back from the Third Reich and revealing the “making of ” backstory, this work – which has already garnered numerous awards and been performed in 16 cities in seven different countries – is making its Asian debut.

As the story unfolds, the cast of actors with disabilities gradually reveals the connections between the narrative and the “making of” backstory.

A rich tapestry of Asia, Europe, mythology, and humanity.

Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Toshima City,
Arts Council Tokyo / Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture),
Toshima Future Culture Foundation, NPO Arts Network Japan [NPO – ANJ]


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Playhouse