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Festival/Tokyo 13
Main Program 
Yotsuya Zotanshu + Yotsuya Kaidan

  • Theater / Dance ,
  • Art Project ,
  • Performance ,
  • Workshop

Shigeki Nakano + Kaku Nagashima

Fluent in the dynamics of overseas plays, Shigeki Nakano and Kaku Nagashima (Nakano Shigeki + Frankens) turn their attention to one of Japan’s most famous ghost stories: the Yotsuya Kaidan!

A double theatrical experience that leads the audience on a walking, reading, imagining tour

the “Tsukurikata Funk Band” of experts in a wide range of media and disciplines, from film to illustration, photography, and architecture, unravel the mystery of the Yotsuya Kaidan

Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Toshima City,
Arts Council Tokyo / Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Toshima Future Culture Foundation, NPO Arts Network Japan [ANJ]


Yotsuya Zotanshu: Yotsuya - Shinjuku area Yotsuya Kaidan: Adachi, Katsushika area