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Festival/Tokyo 13
Main Program
The Long Field Trip

  • Theater / Dance ,
  • Performance

Text, Direction: Shu Matsui

Shu Matsui, a gifted auteur whose keen perceptions of the “abnormal” create striking representations of human life, returns to the F/T fold for the first time in three years.

The human self is a “vessel” – how are we to live with it? Exploring everything from the beginnings of life to advanced medical technology, The Long Field Trip opens the audience’s eyes to these questions through Sample’s trademark “human as creature” lens.

This new play explores human existance and the relationship of man and society, drawing on and recasting the Greek tragedy of “Oedipus Rex.”

Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Toshima City,
Arts Council Tokyo / Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Toshima Future Culture Foundation, NPO Arts Network Japan [NPO-ANJ]


Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory