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Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival
Makoto Nomura presents Open Session Day

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This “pun-filled music” project explores the possibilities of creating new music based on language puns. Just completed is a hilarious series of “the end is the means to the end” concerts involving a wide variety of different participants.
“Pun-Filled Music Festival” Director Makoto Nomura, also known for his improvisational performances with such wide-ranging musicians as Kazutoki Umezu and Yumiko Tanaka, presents a grand open session at “Knock”, the long-established Senju club, as part of a program that is to culminate in a “1,010 People in Senju” performance set for October 2014.

All instruments, genres welcome.
If you like music, if you like puns, come and enjoy a session with Makoto Nomura.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music
Adachi City


Live House "Knock" Kitasenju