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Shinji Ohmaki "Memorial Rebirth Senju 2014 Taroyama"

You can see this town on the other side of a soap bubble.

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“Memorial Rebirth” is an art performance piece from modern artist Shinji Ohmaki, which aims to take familiar scenes and re-envision them through countless soap bubbles, calling forth old and creating new memories. This time, for the 4th time, the performance will be held in Senju Asahi Park, lovingly called “Taroyama Park” by locals. Join us for a day of making new memories of this town under the lights, and enjoy the different scenes of the afternoon and nighttime towns.

Free (There is a charge for food stall)

■The debut of food stall!
Locals will be selling soap cotton candy, Negima Soup, a local Senju speciality, and more from street carts. Good for the body and the soul!

Tel: 03-6806-1740 (13:00-18:00 expect Tue., Thu.)
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Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music
Adachi City


Senju Asahi Park