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Senju Music Hall vol.7 Azumachou Event Hall
Outer Tokyo Songline – Charlie Takahashi meets Kita-senju - Daienkai

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A concert steeped in the songs and food of Senju

We’re proud to introduce an acoustic concert by the rare genius who drives his audiences wild, Charlie Takahashi, and his friends, who have been credited with giving some of Japan’s most popular folk songs, such as “The Tale of Senju,” sung on Arakawa river boats, and “Sansa Dance,” a modern flavor by arranging them in modern styles, including samba and jazz. We’ll also be presenting the original songs, born from walks around the neighborhood and the Senju sights, from our song-writing workshop. Masayuki Kusumi, famous as an author of “Kodoku no Gurume (A lonely gourmand),” will also be performing. These two artists, who have come to know human emotion and the cityscape, will be singing about Tokyo. Come join us in a comfortable tatami room and enjoy music while eating Negima-nabe (hot-pot cooking green onion and tuna), locally famous dish in Senju’s riverside fish markets, at our “Daienkai.”

【About Outer Tokyo Songline】
Outer Tokyo Songline is a project to re-envision the city through songs, by taking folk song and folk art approaches. Focusing on the outskirts of Tokyo, where even now traditions thrive, the project will turn the sounds and actions born from the various activities of the city into songs. People’s lives were filled with song, from rice-planting to lumber gathering, and ballgame songs – while people moved hands and talked, they sang. Charlie Takahashi and his friends will travel around the city just like a travelling troupe, turning various Tokyo sights into song.

■Admission: 1,500 yen (Negima Soup included)
■Enrollment limit: First come, first-served. Approx. 50 people

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music
Adachi City


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