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Senju Music Hall
Outer Tokyo Songline – Charlie Takahashi meets Kita-Senju
Looking for participants for the 1st Songwriting Workshop

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Do you like “songs?” Songs don’t mean just listening to CDs and records bought at stores, watching music videos, and singing at karaoke! Let’s enjoy “songs” more!

We’re looking for participants to write and perform Senju songs with us at the Senju Music Hall vol.7, “Outer Tokyo Songline – Charlie Takahashi meets Kita-Senju.”

Ever since ancient times, there has been no lack of song in the everyman’s life. Just look at the “Senju Song (Kawagoe Sailor’s Song)”, a rowing folk song that ferrymen on flatboats sang. Rice-planting, sawing lumber, knitting, preparing food, and ball-games have all brought forth songs while people work and talk together.
At this workshop, we’ll be bringing our feelings and habits together with sights of the present from around Tokyo to write songs, which we will then perform in February. To that end, we’re looking for people to join us in writing songs at “Outer Tokyo Songline”!
You’re welcome even if you’re afraid of singing in front of people! I myself can’t get in front of a crowd and sing karaoke, but I still want everyone to experience the joy and the fun that comes with singing as a group and putting your surroundings to song. Whoever you are, feel free to join. Come enrich your everyday life through the various possibilities hidden in song!
Development of transportation affords us access to the unique culture, history and sights (for example, industrial areas and commuter suburbs) found on the outskirts of the city. Kita-Senju, which grew out of a post-town in the Edo period and still serves as the central hub of east Tokyo, is one of those outskirt areas.
At the first workshop, we’ll take a walk through Senju and write about the town’s scenery and events.

Free (Reservations required. First come, first-served. Approx. 10 people)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music
Adachi City