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Makoto Nomura Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival "1010 People in Senju"

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This fall, Makoto Nomura and Otomachi will launch the magnificent pun festival, “1010 People in Senju.”

The “Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival,” centered on Makoto Nomura, is a project that aims to allow locals to trade puns in a relaxed atmosphere, and then create music from the experience. “Puns” are jokes that combine different words to give birth to power. “Pun-Filled Music” is an initiative aimed at developing a new form of writing music using the power of puns.

This year, the “Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival” presents the long-awaited “1010 People in Senju” recital, which has been a dream since the festival’s inauguration. By inviting musicians from Indonesia and Thailand, we will put on a series of performances containing traditional and created instruments, all the while referring back to our repertoire of “Pun-Filled Music.”

■Admission: Free (No reservations required)

Performers wanted for the "Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival" "1010 People in Senju"!!

Whether or not you’ve been to Senju, whether or not you can play an instrument, we want you to come perform in the “1010 People in Senju,” the concert anyone can participate in!!!
You can be from Senju, Tokyo, Japan, or anywhere in the world! Come join us!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music
Adachi City


Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, Adachi Market