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Ei Wada "Electronicos Fantasticos!" - A public "Nicos" idea-building session

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Electronicos Fantasticos! is the brainchild of the artist Ei Wada, who has created unique musical instruments using old electrical appliances. This program, in which Wada involves all kinds of people in creating novel musical instruments, mass-producing them, and weaving them into his performances to gradually create a whole orchestra, began in February 2015. People who find themselves troubled by the new ideas they constantly have, people who want to weave special skills into their performance techniques, people who want to use their nimble fingers to help create musical instruments, people who are intrigued by laboratories and want to come and have fun in one, and people who are happy to perform together—all these people will get together to have a good time and gradually create this exhibition.

It’s brainstorming time! A “Nicos” idea-building session, open to the public
The last event, a work-in-residence project that was held last February, let visitors into Wada’s creative space to talk with the artist, draw up ideas for instruments, and sow the “seeds of Electronicos” in a collaborative setting.

For this event, Wada will talk with instrumental performers and Electronicos experts about how to transform those “seeds of Nicos” into real, playable instruments. The session will be open to the public.


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