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Hokusai Music Expo

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Music expo allowing children first-hand experience of music from all over the world!

Show your support!
Teams of elementary school students who have been hard at work practicing gidayu and steel pans since last year finally present the fruits of their labor.
Have a go!
Don’t just watch and listen – try it out! Instructors teach you all about beautiful-sounding instruments from around the world, and music using voices.
Have a listen!
You’ll also get the chance to hear real music. First up, get a taste of the joy of listening!

*The detailed timetable on the day of the event will be announced on the official website.
*The content of the event is subject to change.

Show your support! (Performance)

13:00 The gidayu team will talk.
16:30 The steel pan team will play in concert.

Have a go! (Experience program)

Steel pan experience: How can a metal drum make such a shimmering sound? *1 *3
Gidayu experience: Back in time to the Edo period! *1 *3 
Sumo Jinku traditional sumo song experience: Be taught by a sumo wrestler! *1 *3
Bateria percussion band experience: Everybody samba! Parade through Ryogoku! *1 *3
Family crest-making experience: Think up and draw an original family crest! *2 *3
Newspaper reporter experience: Spot report from Hokusai Sound Expo! *3

*1 Numbered tickets will be distributed from 12:30 on the day of the event.
*2 Targeted participants: pre-school-aged children
*3 Targeted participants: elementary school students

Have a listen! (Live performance)

・Kids gamelan: ANAKANAK Sumida River
・Gidayu: Kyonosuke Takemoto(gidayu), Yaya Tsuruzawa(gidayu shamisen)
・Sumojinku performance: Tomimichi Urakaze (formerly Nishi Makuuchi lead Shikishima)
・Steelpan demonstration performance: Panorama Steel Orchestra members


Panorama Steel Orchestra (steelpan)
Kyonosuke Takemoto (gidayu), Yaya Tsuruzawa (gidayu shamisen)
ANAKANAK Sumida River (kids gamelan)
Tomimichi Urakaze (sumojinku)
Masayoshi Adachi (samba)
Elementary school students who participated gidayu and Steelpan practices


*Some Experience programs are subject to fees.


Please contact with Topping East office by the contact form on the official website.


(2-8-10 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Topping East (NPO)
The Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank
Supported by
Sumida City Board of Education, Ryougoku kokugikan Shopping center
Cooperated by
Ekoin, Michinokubeya, Theater X