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Koganei Artfull Action!

By creating opportunities for local citizens to encounter art on the streets of Koganei, this project aims to give them the chance to pursue new, spiritually richer ways of living. It will facilitate efforts to spur community development through arts and culture, and create opportunities for the public to become involved in various programs.


Koganei City


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Koganei City, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Koganei Artfull Action (NPO)

Events Information

Programs in cooperation with schools

This is a program of expressive workshops with artists in city preschools and elementary schools. Implemented in collaboration with city educational institutions together with artists and a staff made up of citizens, these workshops run on themes tailored to the individuality of the children and the issues of the particular school. This year’s classes will run on the theme of arithmetic and programming, in collaboration with two city elementary schools.
– Maehara Elementary School, Koganei City
– Honcho Elementary School, Koganei City

Eichan Club (Film memory ‘champon’ club)

Anyone can easily create video or film these days. We are launching Eichan Club for people over 70 with no experience using smartphones or digital cameras for filming, but who want to challenge themselves to something new or make friends in their community. Come join us to learn about video production from scratch, and experience, make and enjoy film together.

“The town is an art museum for everyone”

This is a Koganei-based initiative for experimenting with different forms of expression. On this program, participants and artists learn methods of planning, organization, PR and communication together through the informal and relaxed planning and running of community events.
Artists: Sayaka Osaki (poet), Osamu Jareo (choreographer/dancer)

Pen friend project: For drawing the landscapes of our origin

A third-generation Korean-Japanese born and raised in Osaka who has now emigrated to Australia, artist Haji Oh experiences the life of an immigrant while working between Japan and Australia.
The Pen Friend Project is an initiative designed to highlight the personal experiences and everyday lives of artists like Oh as well as the immigration experience in contemporary Japan in creative and imaginative ways.
This year sees the start of a new project aimed at expanding activities to workshops and exhibitions based on dialogue from encounters and deepening exchanges in writing between Japan-based immigrants mainly living in Koganei City and the Tokyo region, and artists.
Artist; Haji Oh

Forest of Human Rights program (community collaboration lab)

The focus of this collaborative program with elementary schools in Higashimurayama City is the experience of visiting the museum of the Tama Zenshoen Sanatorium as part of the school program. The initiative will attempt to use forms of expression to enrich the experience for children in arts and crafts classes, while examining the sort of encounters that could be channeled into a more fulfilling experience for children.


We produce and publish a newsletter as a way of communicating and archiving projects.
Vol. 7 Special edition “Creating, opening up the world: Ventures with children” (Published in January, 2020) PDF version

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