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Gaetan Kubo "Perspective of Memory"

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“Ghost Chimney” Landscapes

The “ghost chimneys” (of the former Senju Thermal Power Station) which used to be symbols of Adachi City’s Senju district were dismantled in 1964, despite being a familiar presence in the lives of many people. Through the efforts of local volunteers, however, part of a chimney was reborn as an elementary school slide, and continues its existence as a monument at Teikyo University of Science. The artist Gaetan Kubo focused his attention on the “ghost chimneys” which eventually met a checkered fate. While following the trail of clues left behind, he met a variety of people and created new stories. In this exhibition, he produces an additional “cycle of rebirth” from the presentation of a work which originated with the “ghost chimneys.”


Gaetan Kubo
Gaetan Kubo was born in Tokyo in 1988. He graduated from the Department of Intermedia Art (Faculty of Fine Arts) of Tokyo University of the Arts in 2011, and in 2013 he completed the master’s course in Intermedia Art in the graduate school of the same university. His major solo exhibitions of recent years include “Madness, Civilisation and I” and “Hysterical Complex” (Kodama Gallery, 2012 and 2013). Group exhibitions include the Gunma Biennale for Young Artists (The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, 2012 and 2015). In 2014 he stayed in New York and Los Angeles on the Japan Foundation’s Japan-U.S. Young Creators Exchange Program, in which his activities included presenting works at the Japan Society in New York.


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Events during the exhibition period

■Artist Talk
A talk event will feature artists working this winter in Senju area as guest speakers.

・Date: Sunday, February 28 2016 17:00-19:00
・Venue: Tokyo University of the Arts, Senju Campus, Studio A
・Guests: Shinji Ohmaki, Mariko Tomomasa, Gaetan Kubo
・Moderator: Yuko Nanba
・Admission: Free(First 50 people, reservation acceptable)

Website: please fill this form.
TEL: 03-6806-1740 (13:00 – 18:00 except Tuesday and Thursday)
Send an E-mail with the subject line “2/28 Artist Talk” to the address above, including your name, your phone number, and the number of participants.

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■Tour with the artist
Artist Gaetan Kubo will provide a tour of the exhibited works, with commentary.

・Date: February 1, 13 and 28 2016 13:00-/15:00-
・Venue: Tako Terrace (4-20-6 Senju, Adachi-ku,Tokyo)
・Fee: Free (first 15 person each tour)


Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju-Connecting through Sound Art Office
Contact Form: Please contact via the contact form on the official website.
Tel: 03-6806-1740 (13:00–18:00 except Tuesday and Thursday)


Tako Terrace (4-20-6 Senju, Adachi-ku,Tokyo)

Access: About 10-minute walk from Kita-Senju station West exit
*No parking available. Please use public transportation.



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Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Music, OTOMACHI PROJECT(NPO), Adachi City
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The Asahi Shimbun Foundation
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