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Immigration Museum Tokyo Introductory Session

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Immigration Museum Tokyo (IMM) is a program in which participants interact with foreigners residing in the community, using the medium of contemporary art to create works that express cross-cultural aspects found in their everyday lives. A variety of people, ranging from businessmen to students to dancers, take part in this program under the supervision of Shigeaki Iwai, a professional artist.
This program is now accepting new participants!

We’re holding an introductory session for anyone who wants to join, or anyone interested in participating but isn’t sure how they can become involved.


Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju-Connecting through Sound Art Office
Contact Form: Please contact via the contact form on the official website.
Tel: 03-6806-1740 (13:00–18:00 except Tuesday and Thursday)


Senju Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Music, OTOMACHI PROJECT(NPO), Adachi City