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Immigration Museum Tokyo Talk Series: "Considering multicultural coexistence"
Arts Session No.1

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Why not consider the attractive relationship between culture and art?
A talk series will begin this autumn at the Immigration Museum Tokyo (IMM), whose core focus has been the creation of works of art. In the Arts Session there will be a presentation about a documentary play which takes a close look at non-Japanese residents of Japan through artistic methods, and a documentary film screening.


2 sessions, 20 people for session 1 
Dates: Saturday, November 28 2015 and Mid-Janurary 2016 (planned)

Session 1

Sumiko Tamuro

Presentation overview
We will hear about the experience of launching the “Theater Project for Multicultural Societies” in Kani City, where many non-Japanese workers live; and, in a creative environment without a shared language, arriving at the realization of a documentary play through the process of looking at individuals rather than nationalities or races. There are also plans to initiate personnel development and employment of non-Japanese through the creation of the play, in conjunction with a local NPO, and, in 2015, to join a community and engage in creative work together with a British performing arts group; and the concepts and issues of these endeavors will be touched upon as well.

Session 2

Screening of a documentaru film “HAFU”


Session 1: 500 yen
Session 2: 1,000 yen

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