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Encountering other cultures through art

Immigration Museum Tokyo (IMM) is a project which introduces ways of life and cultural backgrounds of non-Japanese new to the region, and explores aspects that change in the course of their daily lives through three key words: “adaptation,” “preservation,” and “assimilation.” IMM’s activities are also opportunities to gain new insight into the lives of Tokyo inhabitants through these new residents’ unique perspectives.
This is an exhibition of art works aspiring to various modes of expression, taking as their subject matter the experiences that this year’s new members, in addition to last year’s participants, have gained through interaction with newcomers to Japan. It is hoped that these works will form a sort of guidebook to foreign cultures that we would like to know better but have few opportunities to become acquainted with.

Shigeaki Iwai

Produced and supervised by: Shigeaki Iwai
Technical support: Keitetsu Murai


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Kazuyuki Miyamoto + Momoko Hibino – “Sky ear”
Based on the Japanese expression “soramimi” (literally “sky ear”), meaning “mishearing,” we asked non-Japanese people we know to give us examples of “words or phrases in an unfamiliar language which sound like familiar words.” The foreign residents reenacted episodes in which they “made a blunder soon after arriving in Japan as a result of ‘soramimi’.” These reenacted episodes will be video recorded and shown in this work.

Kazuyuki Miyamoto + Rumi Kitano + Yuko Izumi + Yasuko Yamada – “Kitasenju Multinational Council”
The “town of Kitasenju” is filled with the love of the local people. When non-Japanese people look at Kitasenju, what do they see? In this participatory art exhibition, we will complete new Kitasenju stories together, using the map with which people from overseas showed us around the Kitasenju area. Based on the stories thus collected, we will then hold a “multinational gossip session” to get to the heart of Kitasenju’s mysterious charm.

Kang Hyeon-sik – “Voice”
The language I speak is Japanese, but it’s different from other people’s Japanese. People might say, “Your pronunciation is your identity.” It’s the identity of being a foreigner. But I have a feeling that this premise is bigger than my presence. Rather than being an area (of expression) that can be controlled as a way of conveying meaning, I feel that this is regarded as an obstacle.

Naho Morimoto – “Can’t take my eyes off you”
Last year at Umeda Catholic Church, which now has a connection with IMM, I met people who sang, danced, and vibrantly enjoyed “always.” I was sometimes surprised, sometimes moved by the scene, and I completely fell in love with the people. So I decided to write a love letter to them.

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Admission:Free(First-come, first-served. Max. 15 persons)

Talk Events

(1) “Immigration Museums and the Traveler’s Perspective”
IMM project director Shigeaki Iwai will introduce examples of multicultural scenes and immigration museums in other countries.
Date: Saturday, September 5 2015, 16:00-17:30

(2) “IMM Gallery Talk”
Exhibition content and exhibited works will be explained by IMM members.
Date: Saturday, September 5 2015, 18:00-19:00


Hyun-Mook Lim “snapshot”
Improvisational piano performance hinted by everyday life and sound will be held.
Dates: Sunday September 20 and Tuesday/Holiday September 22 2015
Schedule:10:00/14:00/16:00(about 30 minutes each performance)


Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju-Connecting through Sound Art Office
Contact Form: Please contact via the contact form on the official website.
Tel: 03-6806-1740 (13:00 – 18:00 except Tuesday and Thursday)


3-17 Senju, Akebono-cho, Adachi City


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Music, OTOMACHI PROJECT(NPO), Adachi City
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