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Makoto Nomura Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival International Exchange Project No. 3: Investigating Thailand
Lecture & Concert: “The Sizzling Thai Music Troupe’s One-week Tour”

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We will hear a report on the latest music scene as experienced in Thailand though mediums of a video presentation and a live performance.

Ever since 2013, the Makoto Nomura Senju Pun-Filled Music Festival has grown internationally through exchanges with musicians from Southeast Asia. At the end of last year, the “Sizzling Thai Music Troupe,” formed from members of the Pun-Filled Music Society, ventured to Bangkok for a week, collaborating in the latest Thai music as they toured various venues. The troupe will now be sharing their experiences with the people of Senju through videos, talks, and live performances in a lecture/concert-style event. We hope to see you there at this close collaboration between the latest Thai music—a mixture of tradition and innovation—and pun-filled music!

Video: Yusuke Kaida
Thailand Coordinator: Pasinee Kook Sakulsurarat




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