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[Arts Academy: Capacity building course for leaders in arts and culture] This course aims to cultivate future leaders who can play a core role in the field of art and culture. For individuals with experience in various fields of art and culture, it offers opportunities of learning how to and engage arts with society through a combination of classroom lectures and research based on solving problems.
[Arts Academy: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Training Course for Theater Professionals] This course aims to cultivate producers and coordinators capable of working at various theaters and cultural facilities through a combination of report-writing and on-the-job-training at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. It also features public lectures and classroom sessions.


Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

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Arts Academy: Capacity building course for leaders in arts and culture

Aimed at discovering and cultivating leaders of arts and culture for the coming age, the Arts Council Tokyo: Arts Academy program has since 2018 offered a capacity building course to help future leaders develop the multi-faceted thinking abilities and skills essential to finding solutions to the problems they face in their creative endeavors, as well as to achieving their goals. The program is based on the principal constituents of practical lectures and discussions with instructors, and the writing and presentation of a report on problem-solving strategies. The program offers an opportunity for students with established careers in a variety of fields to come together and gain new perspectives by learning from each other. This program provides support to those with a broad perspective on the relationship of society with arts and culture, and who strive to improve the overall creative environment. The program also helps strengthen the infrastructure for, and give greater impetus to, the activities of creative leaders who have the courage to form their own practices; leaders who want to draw up and put into practice a ten-year vision and take their current activities to a higher level. At the same time, our aim for the program is to offer a research function for the exploration of new possibilities with the freedom of creative endeavors.

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Professional Development Training Program

This on-the-job training program leveraging the skill set and appeal of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre is aimed at cultivating future professionals who will play an active role in the performing arts in various capacities, including positions at theaters and other public cultural facilities, arts related NPOs, and festivals. Through lectures, seminars, and on-site training, participants will not only gain the knowledge and abilities that their target professions require but also enjoy opportunities to network with other theater personnel. At the same time, we will be holding various public lectures looking at the performing arts field.



  • 2020年度アーツアカデミー / FY2020 Arts Academy



2020/11/25 アーツカウンシルブログ

アーツアカデミー2020 第1回レポート:つくりたいものをつくり続けるために ~思考と実践~ [講師:深田晃司さん]

*In Japanese

2020/12/16 アーツカウンシルブログ

アーツアカデミー2020 第2回レポート:ヴィジョン、ミッションを磨く ~受講生による課題・目標の提起と深堀り、共有機会の設定~[講師:山元圭太さん]

*In Japanese

2021/01/22 アーツカウンシルブログ

アーツアカデミー2020 第3回レポート:活動の意義を伝える評価軸を磨く ~活動を振り返り、改善・変革していく術を磨く~[講師:源由理子さん]

*In Japanese

2021/02/18 アーツカウンシルブログ

アーツアカデミー2020 第4回レポート:これからの活動のためのファンドレイジング力を磨く ~ファンドレイジングの理解と実践~[講師:若林朋子]

*In Japanese

2021/03/31 アーツカウンシルブログ

アーツアカデミー2020 第5回レポート:活動を持続させるための発想力を磨く ~持続可能性と創造的実践の多様性を知る~[講師:近藤ヒデノリ]

*In Japanese

2021/03/31 アーツカウンシルブログ

アーツアカデミー2020 第6回レポート:社会における芸術文化の必要性を考える ~芸術文化支援を鍵に、自立の在り方等を考える~[講師:片山正夫]

*In Japanese

2021/04/01 アーツカウンシルブログ

アーツアカデミー2020 第7回レポート:芸術文化と社会の関わり方を磨く ~社会とのつながりを捉え、「接続」と「循環」を考える~[講師:大澤寅雄]

*In Japanese

2021/04/05 アーツカウンシルブログ

アーツアカデミー2020 第8回レポート:課題解決戦略レポートの最終発表会[講師:若林朋子、小川智紀]

*In Japanese

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